FULLAX, who, as they say themselves, come “from the deepest province”, namely Spangenberg near Kassel, often focus their attention on the offside of urbanity, on a youth in the countryside that is often not as wildly romantic as it may sound. Their feeling for the right words and their very special sound, which is even more powerful on the new single “NAIV”, has already earned FULLAX positions on the hot streaming lists in the past. Yet the band is much more than what can be heard in their songs – they write and produce in their own studio and shoot their music videos themselves or with the support of their creative environment.
In “NAIV”, the first single from their forthcoming second album, FULLAX take their listeners into an energetic, indie rock guitar-driven atmosphere that feels like anger, despair, rage and frustration. “Fistfight of the county league” the song’s lyrics say and the words turn into images that make us want to look away and have to look. FULLAX reflect on the themes of violence and “toxic masculinity” from a rural perspective that is familiar to her. The song combines strong personal experiences, disappointments and powerlessness in the face of violent fellow travellers with the clear realisation of never being able to identify with it.

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