We are FerryHouse

Founded by media entrepreneur Frank Otto and music executive Björn Mathes, we are a reliable partner for our artists, producers, management as well as business partners since 2006 and an established player among German independents.

Figuratively, “FerryHouse” stands for both start and destination: a point at which one sets out to reach new goals and opportunities for great potential arise from joined forces.

FerryHouse specialises in the development and marketing of newcomers – a discipline in which proverbially all beginnings can be difficult, but which is also just as exciting. From the magic of the first song sketch to a production concept and its marketing, we see ourselves as our artists’ creative agency.

In the years since our founding, the music business has developed enormously. Today, music is discovered and consumed en masse on a wide variety of digital channels. The artist is musician, creator and communicator at the same time and is constantly struggling for the attention of his target group. With tens of thousands of new songs being released every day, all those involved in the music value chain are constantly faced with new challenges.

The role of labels, whose main tasks in the past included access to distribution and marketing, is also changing. With the digital possibilities for artists to market themselves, labels have to reposition and prove themselves.

We believe in the strength of a creative partnership between artist and label seeing each new project as a unique joint venture. We open doors, but we do not profile ourselves as “gate-keepers”. We develop, advise, inspire, create and enable. The fact that we also work with the best distributors, have a wide know-how, experience and access to all areas of modern, agile and decentralized music marketing, and that you as an artist always have a personal, specialized and competent contact person in our team – all this goes without saying in our opinion.

Ferryhouse is also partner/shareholder of the music publishing company Hotelbar Publishing.

Frank Otto


Björn Mathes


Laura Lotz

Sync & Brand Manager

Tim Waschk

Repertoire Manager