Dominik Hartz

A man with many faces – Dominik Hartz shows at least two of them on his double EP “F*CK you”.

In the ice cream parlour. At the bar. When choosing a partner. Everywhere we have to choose. Always and constantly. What do you do if you want a cup and a cone? When your own tastes and preferences are more of a colourful veil of grey than a clear black or white? What do artists do if they don’t want to commit themselves when it comes to sounds, genres or attitudes? Cobbler, stick to your last?

“I just always do what I want,” Dominik Hartz proudly proclaimed on his last EP. And the range he covers is truly insane. His hit house smasher “Klimpa Klimpa”, which recently caused the Dockville to shake, meets jazzy old-school hip-hop beats or urgent post-punk anthems like “love yourself, fucked up”. And then there are the collabs with colleagues like Bruckner, anaïs and newcomer Aaron. Someone moves quite freely between the different poles and obviously has a few more tracks on the shelf.