The indie-pop trio is Dublin-born Claire-Ann and German band mates Joschka Bender and Matthias Heising. Initially influenced by Bon Iver, and citing the likes of Fleetwood Mac, The Cardigans and Phoebe Bridgers as other notable touchstones, what lies at the core of Varley’s affective, heart-on-sleeve music is its willingness to be vulnerable. Their music is an honest and raw outlet, and the cathartic nature of their songwriting is one to be championed. “I feel like a lot of the time I don’t actually process a lot of my feelings, but then I just jam with a guitar and things come out. These guys are my best friends so it’s easy to be open with them.” Claire-Ann shares.

With all members playing multiple instruments Varley are a collaborative unit through and through. In 2019 they released their debut EP Phantom Studies; a clutch of tours, a Spotify viral chart placing from first single ‘Roamer’ confirmed they were doing something right. Racking up close to ten million streams, it’s high time Varley let us in on what they have been working on.

The Pressure

Push Pull

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