Luca Vasta

Growing up in western Germany around the turn of the millenium, Luca Vasta’s love of music was all consuming, something Alba, her debut album, illustrates with considerable gusto. You need only listen to her first, irrepressibly contagious single ‘Cut My Hair’, the sparse, dizzying glamour of ‘Imperial’, the dreamy melancholy of ‘Dear Alba’ or the minor key drama of ‘Heartbeat’ for proof. Alternatively, if you’re lucky enough to meet the charismatic 25 year old yourself, ask her why ‘Black Tears White Lies’ is one of her favourites and she’ll inadvertently sum up the album’s charm succinctly: “because it’s black and white and warm and cold and up and down. That’s how life is when you’re young. You break your heart and you feel like you have nothing, but the next day you’re super happy. Mind you,” she’ll laugh, “maybe that’s also connected to my dramatic Italian character…!”

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