„I love it when a plan comes together!”

That was the catchphrase that John “Hannibal” Smith announced at the end of every “A-Team” episode, chewing blissfully on his cheerot. As viewers we learned from those pre-prime time series something like: Making plans will shape the world. And every plan comes together at the end. Off we go!

But at some point it hit us: the moment we realized that many of our own plans – big and small – did not come together and maybe never will. Some we drag along, others might even have been lost on the way.

EMMA6s LP “Alles Teil des Plans” tackles exactly that. Eleven songs about hope, loss and salvation. “Alles Teil des Plans” is the soundtrack to an intense confrontation with yourself – ruthless yet comforting. Yearning Indie-Pop and catharsis. Get your safety net somewehere else, this is all or nothing, folks.

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