EMMA6 are back. “Lemminge” is the first new single. The new album “Wir waren nie hier” is expected to be released in early 2017.

A good band will open worlds for you – no matter whether these are exotically unfamiliar or pleasantly familiar ones. EMMA6 succeeds in uncovering a world with only a few words and well-chosen pictures just as if a song was one of these 180-degree-cinemas, which were standing on fairs in the past.

“180-degree-cinema?”, you might ask. Well, you could also write “songs just like virtual reality glasses” but that really wouldn’t describe it. EMMA6 are just very analogue.

How important “Wir waren nie hier” for the band is, you will feel in every moment. The first album after the adventure of being signed to a major label. The first one after times, where a lot was turning around charts and budgets. The first… own album.

“Wir waren nie hier” feels and sounds like a relief. And it’s a very mature album just as it is a secret debut. EMMA6 enable a lot on “Wir waren nie hier”. Because: a good band will open worlds for you – and a very good one your own.

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