Chris James

The German-American artist has recently made a name for himself as the songwriter for BTS’ #1 Billboard hit “Life Goes On” (+900 million streams/views). His own career as an artist is also picking up speed.

Driven by almost 300,000 social followers, he has already achieved over 20 million streams and his song “Not Angry” recently went viral in Asia (+8 million TikToks in China alone). Musically, Chris, who writes and produces all his songs himself, has found his very own mix of bedroom pop à la Jeremy Zucker and indie vibes of a Rex Orange County.

This year he already released the wonderful pop ballad “The Fallout” as well as the disco-indie-pop banger “4AM Magic”, with which he announces his upcoming album “The Fear of Missing Out” (23 July 2021).

While his debut album “Art of Overthinking” was about perfectionism and learning to let go, “The Fear of Missing Out” is about finding his place in this world – geographically and philosophically. The American-born musician, who came to Germany as a child, has lived almost all his life in Hilden near Düsseldorf and only just moved to Berlin during the pandemic. Many changes inside and outside, which he now processes in his upcoming songs. It will be interesting to see what Chris comes up with next in a creative environment like Berlin.

“I’ve pretty much been in the same place my entire life and I always knew that this wouldn’t last forever but I never acted on that thought until now.”

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