Inspired by a conversation singer Rob Ellis had in South Africa, “Do Right” deals with the circumstance of not being aware of the grievances and what is really going wrong in the world. This realisation, however, can naturally lead to a conscious decision to make a positive impact from now on.
Cassia combine the positive indie pop of bands like Foals or Vampire Weekend, with a jazzy Afrobeat touch รก la Fela Kuti and Ebo Taylor, but also clearly recall folk legends like Paul Simon. From these influences, the three Brits forge their very own irresistible sound. As CLASH Mag said so beautifully: “Cassia turn even the saddest day into a good-humoured carnival”.

Following their 2022 album “Why You Lacking Energy?” and as they prepare to support Circa Waves and Bastille on their UK tour, UK trio Cassia bring their tropical vibes back with new single “High Tones”. A summery mix of funky bass, bright drum patterns and captivating electric guitar grooves, it’s a song made for a warm summer’s day.

“The song was born out of memories of drunken festival visits last summer and the anticipation of the festival season to come. Nothing beats the blissful chaos. The sound of everything around you, the blurring of vision, and you’re just caught up in the moment. When it’s all over, we get into the van, the street lights fly past us and the high tones reverberate in our ears. Usually the sign of a memorable night. We wanted to make a song that reflected that feeling. A song you can dance to, that’s light-hearted and funky, with a lot of swing and groove.”