Irie Révoltés

Irie Revoltes (Foto: Julia Hoppen)

Irie Révoltés: It’s the sound of the revolt. It’s the sound of the barricades. The moment before it starts. The moment when you feel something is moving. Here. Now. Together. Forever. The calm before the storm.

When Irie Révoltés enters the stage and the audience starts moving, the earth is shaking. When people start dancing and jumping and the steam takes over the place, when people sing along, when the energy of the band melts together with the energy of the audience, then the incomparability of a Irie Révoltés concert reveals.

Only very few artists can compare the anger and despair of a whole generation. Only very few artists bring the lust for life, fun and happiness of thousands of people to stage.
“It’s not about hate and grimness” Carlito, one of Irie Révoltés’ singers, says. “It’s about happiness and courage. It’s about change and about unity.“

Irie Révoltés knows that the world like it is doesn’t need to stay like it is right now. They know, if people unite, change can happen. Piece by piece. Stone by stone. Now.Since about 15 years now, the musical collective has been playing more than 500 concerts in 25 countries besides numerous festivals. The band has been growing and growing not only because of their music. It’s the political message the band transports to the people.

“Irie Révoltés without politics isn’t possible.” Mal Élevé, the other singer in the band explains:
“Music and politics are the mainstays Irie Révoltés is built on. There wouldn’t be the band, if it was only one of them.

After their last years‘ fulllength ALLEZ, Irie Révoltés discovered themselves on the new and upcoming selftitled album.
Irie Révoltés: This means beats, melody and lyrics. Minimal sound structures and bombastic choruses.

Irie Révoltés isn’t the calm before the storm. Irie Révoltés is the storm itself.

Raise The Bass!

“Jetzt ist Schluss // Ruhe vor dem Sturm”


“À tout prix”




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