Music labels were facing tough times when ferryhouse was founded by media entrepreneur and artist Frank Otto in 2007. The conventional industry was under threat, traditional labels were closing down, and everyone was cursing the Internet. But Frank Otto had an idea. He wanted to set up a home for aspiring young artists, and give them the time and opportunities to mature as musicians. In the years since then the label has built up an impressive roster of talent. International acts such as Sarah Klang, Thomas Dybdahl, Nic Cester, Luke Sital-Singh, Teitur, Eliza Shaddad and Hein Cooper are joined by German artists including Benne, Irie Révoltés, Liedfett, NEWMEN and Lässing.
As for the label name: in times past the ferryhouse was both a shelter and a place to embark on new journeys. In our case it is literally a haven for innovators and adventurers.
Our recent releases can be found in this playlist.