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Where his debut album “The Art of Escape” landed in the positive graces of the Australian music industry, singer/songwriter Hein Cooper found his heart lay in touring overseas for much of 2016 and 2017. Performing over a 140 shows during this period through Europe, the US and the UK, Hein’s live presence continued to grow, both as a headliner and main support for the likes of James Bay and Lukas Graham.

The threads of new music began to form for Hein during his time living in Cornwall, where British coastal life provided an outlet for him to reflect and muse on the wealth of new experiences touring “The Art of Escape” had brought him.

The first entry in this new chapter for Hein is new single, “Hear My Voice”. A song about falsehoods and self-constructed versions of ourselves, “Hear My Voice” shows Hein exploring a dialogue with himself and expressing more personally than listeners will have heard before.

Co-Produced by Will Hicks (Ed Sheeran, James Hersey) and Hein himself in the UK, the result is fresh; the foundations of Hein’s folk/indie pop styles are still present, though the songwriter has begun exploring other genres such as R’n’b and electronic music. Artists like Frank Ocean and Chet Faker helped inspire this new direction.

Of his new material, Hein says, “It’s the music I’ve always wanted to create. Being involved on the production side of my music [too] is allowing me to really capture the bigger picture.”

Excited to bring this new music back home to Australia, Hein is readying “Hear My Voice” and a collection of new material for upcoming headline shows nationally in April and May.

“I think we’ve had enough time to see what styles are melding well together and what aren’t,” Hein says of cross-genre work, moving forward. “There’s this new confidence to the ‘anything goes’ attitude of the last ten years.”

“I think a pop song can be incredibly poetic and still clear, and also be an exciting mix of genres. That’s what I’ve aimed for throughout some of my new music.”

“Hear My Voice” is released on April 6th.



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