Esther Vallee

Esther Vallee (c) Annika Berglund

Worldclass pop that will get you hooked within’ seconds

This talented songwriter is a West coast native, born just outside of Gothenburg, Sweden. She sings about the sorrowful darkness and all the things that were never talked about, her confidence is mystic and thought provoking. Her rooted lyrics remind you that it’s ok to fall slowly, but make it count, embalm the hurt & harness your strong. Like her, instead of weeping, become the willow.

The delivery of her music has already caught the eye of International tastemakers such as Clash magazine, Popjustice & Spotify, making her star chart shine into a headlong rush – along with her beats. With wares and waves on sound display, Esther Vallees debut single “Hard Time” was handpicked as one of the big exclamation marks and now the first new single ’Numbers’ from upcoming debut album (2018) sees the light. She is honest and utterly human and someone we should look forward to seeing what she is capable of with her music to come.

Esther Vallee is a dream wave warrior whose music is laced with pop-consciousness from an unconscious part of this life – meaning all the dark parts and the means to process them. She has created a world for herself where the light better damn well inhabit the dark. She is your angel for backwards-looking escapism, her soundscape of sultry soul banging that collage electro sounds with bounces of dark electropop are just exciting.

It’s a song about forbidden love. About the hurt and feelings when you are not allowed or cannot be with the one you want. The darkness and twisted thougts.”

Numbers was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden. Produced by Esthers mentor Jonas Quant (Hurts, No Doubt etc) and mixed by Matty Green (Frank Ocean, Dua Lipa, The Weeknd) and mastered by Emily Lazar at the Lodge in NYC (SIA, David Bowie).

Numbers is the first new single from Esther Vallees upcoming debut album (2018).



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