Younger Hunger

The fragility of new love is on the menu in Younger Hunger’s new single Fangs.  This late night burner is indie pop at its best that’s packed with dirty 80’s synths & addictive lyrics that might be in your head way past Halloween at the end of the month.

Frontman Tony Davia explains “Fangs is about a slightly shady guy  who falls in love. He’s afraid that his new girl is gonna realize his worst qualities and leave his ass. This song was the first song we made for our EP” 

Younger Hunger are a band you’ll struggle to box in.  It all starts with a mission within the 3-piece to not make the same song twice. The band’s joint interest in drinking margaritas, playing Nintendo 64 & dreaming of “destroying the world” together is a good snapshot to seeing the perfect contradiction they present us with.

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